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About SoYo

At SoYo, our goal is to make the most delicious frozen yogurt you've ever tasted. Achieving that goal begins with choosing the right ingredients. That's why we buy only the highest-quality dairy products. You won't find any synthetic growth hormones in the milk or yogurt we purchase. 

Whenever possible, we source our fruit and toppings in the state of Vermont, and we always try to offer in-season options. As a result, our offerings are constantly changing. When you stop by our shop, you will always find something new.
Our Local Partners
Part of what drew us to the idea of farm-fresh frozen yogurt was our desire to support Vermont's small, independently owned businesses. As we've worked to get SoYo off the ground, we've built strong partnerships several local businesses. We're listing them here because they deserve a shout-out, but also because we think it's important for you to know where our ingredients come from.

Thanks for stopping by our site and be sure to check out our shop on Pine Street. We hope you love our frozen yogurt as much as we do!
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